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We want to be proven as skilled, passionate, bold and creative people! Consulting services include research, tenant identification, public relations and strategic planning and execution. At the 40&1 Company we attract clients with unique opportunities and challenges and we provide pathways to achieving your dreams particularly in under-served communities that deserve the best.

Highlight - The Village at West Jefferson


The Village at West Jefferson

The Village at West Jefferson Booklet

The latest project by the MOLO Village Community Development Corporation (MVCDC) is The Village at West Jefferson.

The Village at West Jefferson is a 30,000 square ft mixed-use commercial
building that will be complete winter 2020. The goal of the project is
to bring needed services and amenities to a location that serves
downtown and the historic Russell neighborhood.

Download your copy of The Village at West Jefferson for more information on:

  • Over $85M in spending power
  • 9,500 people in 3,800 households
  • 500 business with 12,000 employees
  • 9,300 cars & 60 bus trips per day
  • Business and recreation maps
  • Amenities, floor plans, and more!

Featured Clients

Featured Clients

Molo Village Community Development Corporation

MOLO Village Community Development Corporation is a grassroots organization committed to addressing some of the complex issues that face the Russell community. Our primary goal is engaging residents of the Russell Neighborhood, particularly from Beecher Terrace, in holistic approaches to community development.

Sponsor 4 Success

Sponsor 4 Success. The mission of Sponsor 4 Success Inc. is to improve the living and economic conditions in poor and under-served communities. One of their latest projects is the Joe Hammond Organization.


Louisville Independent Business Alliance

Louisville Independent Business Alliance. The mission of the Louisville Independent Business Alliance (LIBA) is to preserve the unique community character of the Metro Louisville area by promoting locally-owned, independent businesses and to educate citizens on the value of purchasing locally.

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